Hyperbaric Chamber Model 5000 Multiplace

Hyperbaric Chamber Model 5000 MultiplaceHyperbaric Chamber Model 5000 Multiplace




Hyperbaric Chamber - Model 5000 Multiplace

The Tekna Model 5000 Double Lock Multiplace HBOT System is a very unique air modality Double Lock chamber.

It is ASME, PVHO-1, National Board, FDA 510(k) cleared, and meets or exceeds NFPA-99-2012 Chapter 14 requirements.

We offer the 5000 in two configurations: (1) Standard Length (2) Stretch

The Standard seats 4 patients + 1 attendant in the Main Lock.
The Stretch seats 5 patients + 1 attendant in the Main Lock, both accommodate 2 persons in the Entry Lock.
Total BIBS are 7 and 8 respectively.

Both versions have an Entry Lock and a Main Lock .

This is our famous “three door” configuration with large manways into and out of both locks and a third extremely large manway for patient loading and egress.

The Entry Lock allows a patient, physician, or technician to pass into and out of the Main Lock under pressure.

We have even built systems that allow the Entry Lock to be pressurized deeper than the Main Lock.

Extremely large acrylic viewports give comfort to the patients and operators.

We have dozens of Model 5000’s all over the world.

American made steel and the most reliable “off the shelf” components add up to an extremely reliable, and safe, air modality Double Lock multiplace HBOT system that assures the availability of spare parts well into the 21st Century.

This is a total turnkey system delivered, installed (in a chamber ready room supplied by the buyer), with training.

Options include a patient handling system, ECU, and Medical Service Lock.


Air Modality

  • Inside Diameters 60” to 96”
  • Entry & Main Lock
  • 6 ATA Design Pressure
  • 3 ATA Operating Pressure
  • 12” Viewports- 42” Manways
  • ASME Section VIII
  • PVHO-1 (latest addenda)
  • National Board Registered
  • NFPA 99 Compliant
  • Canadian Medical Device Class III
  • Pressurized With Air for Maximum Safety
  • Water Deluge Fire Suppression
  • Fiber Optics Lighting
  • Deluxe Powder Coated Console
  • Communications/Entertainment System w/Battery/Float Charger
  • Digital Temperature & Countdown Timer
  • IV & TCOM Ports Standard
  • Chilled Water ECU & Air Dryer
  • Non-lubricated Air Compressor W/ Receiver & Filters
  • BIB’s for Oxygen Hoods

Delivered and Installed in the Continental USA
60 Hour CME Course Included
Other Lease Purchase Options Available

Multiplace 5000 Options

  • StrykerTM Hyperbaric Gurney
  • Scott TM Air Break Mask
  • TCM TM 30
  • TCM TM 40
  • HyperTec / Magellan TM Ventilator
  • Abbott Shaw TM HBOT IV Pump
  • 6 ATA Operating Pressure
  • Swing Head Full ID Entry
  • Rolling Door Medical Locks
  • Rectangular Doors (72” & Larger)

Hyperbaric Chamber Model 5000 Multiplace

  • Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber

    Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber

    Hyperbaric Chamber Model 5000 Multiplace

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