Double Lock Multiplace HBOT System

Model 5000 DL Hyperbaric Chamber by Tekna, MFG

Model 5000 Features

  • ASME
  • Fiber Optics LED Lights
  • PVHO-1
  • National Board
  • NFPA-99- 2015 Compliant
  • FDA 510 (k) Cleared
  • Medical Air Compressor Package
  • Deluge and Hand Line Fire Suppression System
  • Seats 5+1 in the Main Lock
  • Seats 1+1 in the Entry Lock
  • Options include: 6 ATA, Stretch Version, ECU (Environmental Control Unit), Medical Service Lock, Patient Handling System, Bunk with Seating, Detached Control Console
  • Delivered and Installed in the Continental USA
  • Lease purchase available

Note: All TEKNA Multiplace chambers are designed for 6 ATA service but if the buyer only needs 3 ATA service, we do not add the expensive components (gages and valves, etc.) for 6 ATA service. We can upgrade any TEKNA 3 ATA Multiplace system to 6 ATA if required at a later date.

Click here to download a PDF cutsheet for the Model 5000 Double Lock Multiplace HBOT System