Hypobaric Chamber - Altitude Chamber

Hypobaric Chamber – Altitude Chamber

Decompression / High Altitude Training Chambers

Available in two configurations

Model 7200 DL Specific Features

72″ ID chamber with rectangular door
8-12 seating capacity

Model 8400 DL Specific Features

84″ ID chamber with rectangular door
10-14 seating capacity

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The Altitude Chamber or Hypobaric Chamber is a type of Decompression Chamber used to create an atmospheric pressure less than sea level, simulating being at high elevation. It functions in the opposite manner as a Hyperbaric Chamber. The Hypobaric Chamber is used for Pilot Training, Aerospace Training, or general High Altitude Training. In the reduced pressure and lower oxygen environment of the Hypobaric Chamber the human body experiences Hypobaria and Hypoxia.

Hypobaric Chamber
Altitude Chamber

Multiplace Dual Lock Hypobaric Chamber – Altitude Chamber.

Both models feature:

Entry Lock
Medical Service Lock
Seating folds away for wheel chair or gurney patients
Communications & Entertainment Systems
Deluxe Control Consoles
FDA 510 (k) cleared for marketing 12/07/2000
NFPA-99-2015 Code Compliant
BIBS for Oxygen Hoods for each occupant

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