Decompression Chambers are designed for treating multiple Diving Medicine patients at the same time.

Decompression Chambers  are pressurized with Medical Grade Air and the patients breathe 100% Oxygen through a Hood or Mask System.

The Tekna Decompression / Recompression Chambers are carefully designed to keep patient safety and comfort in mind and to accommodate an attendant tending to patients during the treatment.

Components of a Decompression / Diving Medicine System:

  • The pressure Vessel – ASME / PVHO / National Board Pressure Vessel.
  • The Operating Console – Diving Controls / Communications / Safety Systems.
  • The Fire Suppression System – NFPA code compliant Fire Suppression System.
  • Medical Grade Air Compressor Package – Oil-less and Oil-free Non-Lubricated Medical Air System.

* We can assist you in obtaining your Fire Safety Clearance in your respective location.

Recompression Chamber
Hyperbaric Diving Medicine

Decompression Chamber Options:

Number of Locks

  • Single Lock – Single Compartment Chamber
  • Double Lock – Two Compartment Chamber
  • Triple Lock – Three Compartment Chamber

* Having more than one lock allows someone to enter the main chamber while it is still under pressure.

Internal Diameter

  • Model 6000 – 60”
  • Model 7200 – 72”
  • Model 8400 – 84”
  • Model 9600 – 96”

* Having a diameter 72″ or greater will allow a average person to stand upright.

Treatment Depth

  • 6 ATA +

* 6 ATA Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers are capable of treating Diving Accidents .

Door Type

  • Round
  • Rectangular

* Rectangular doors are Hyperbaric Wheelchair / Stretcher accessible.

Number of Seats / Beds

  • 2 to 24 Seats
  • Optional beds

* Number of seats / beds dictates the length of each lock of the chamber.

Transfer Under Pressure

Hyperbaric Toilet

Hyperbaric Shower

Diving Chamber

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