Hyperbaric Chamber Annual Maintenance

Annual General Maintenance (AGM) & Recalibration

TEKNA will conduct your AGM & Recalibration for Class A, B, & C HBOT Systems. This also includes your annual and semi-annual fire suppression system testing (as required by NFPA-99-2015) and certified acrylic inspection for acrylic tubes and flat ports. Annual acrylic inspection services are available as a separate item but are normally incorporated into your AGM.

Our price schedule is as follows:

AGM & Recalibration Rates per Technician

  • Travel day: $125
  • Stand-by day: $225
  • Travel per mile: $.66 (automobile)
  • Tolls: at cost
  • Airfare: at cost
  • Hotel: at cost
  • Food: $67.50
  • Rental car: at cost
  • Service/Install day: $475
  • Acrylic Inspection: $475
  • In-Service Training: $450
  • Parts: at cost +15%
  • Consumables: at cost +15%

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