Medical Grade Oxygen Generator

Medical Grade Oxygen Generator

Generating Oxygen from Compressed Air.

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Oxygen Generators also known as Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen Concentrators are used in medical applications where liquid or pressurized oxygen is not available.

Tekna Oxygen Generators utilize a molecular sieve to refine Oxygen from Compressed Air.

Oxygen Generators operate on the principle of rapid pressure swing adsorption of atmospheric nitrogen onto zeolite minerals and then venting the nitrogen.

This type of adsorption system functions as a Nitrogen scrubber, allowing Oxygen and other atmospheric gases to pass through.

Pressure Swing Adsorption is a reliable and economical technique for small to mid-scale Oxygen generation.

At high pressure zeolite adsorbs large quantities of Nitrogen due to its large surface area.

After the Oxygen and other gases are stored the pressure drops which allows Nitrogen to escape.

The resulting Oxygen is then compressed and stored at high pressure for Hyperbaric use.

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