Hyperbaric Chamber Cost is affected by many factors . Most variations in Cost are a direct result of the options chosen for a given Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber System (HBOT). Other Hyperbaric Chamber Cost variations result from special instillation requirements and international shipping.

  1. Type :
    1. Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber: Treats one patient.
    2. Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber: Treats multiple patients.
  2. Diameter:
    1. Monoplace: 32″ – 40″
    2. Multiplace: 48″ – 120″
  3. Length:
    1. Multiplace: 5′ – 24′
  4. Number of Seats:
    1. Multiplace: 2 – 32
  5. Accessories:
    1. Monoplace: Integrated Stretcher, Touchscreen Controller, Automatic Air Break, Climate Control, Oxygen Evaporator
    2. Multiplace: Touchscreen Controller, Climate Control, Medical Grade Air Compressors, Air Dryers, Reclining Seating

The following are options that can greatly affect Hyperbaric Chamber Cost for Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers and Multiplace Hyperbaric Chambers. $

Is it a Real Hyperbaric Chamber – ASME? PVHO? National Board? FDA?

  1. Real Hyperbaric Chambers are built from Graded Steel, Graded Aluminum, Pressure Rated Acrylic, and Pressure Rated Composite.
  2. Real Hyperbaric Chambers are fabricated in an ASME PVHO ( Pressure Vessel for Human Occupancy ) Pressure Vessel Shop.
  3. Real Hyperbaric Chambers have all of their welds 100% Radiographically Tested (X-rayed for flaws and inclusions)
  4. Real Hyperbaric Chambers are Hydrostatically Tested beyond their working pressure.
  5. Real Multiplace Hyperbaric Chambers have an Approved  FSS (Fire Suppression System)
  6. Real Hyperbaric Chambers will usually, at a minimum, go safely to 3.0 ATA or 29.4 PSI
  7. Mild, Inflatable, Portable, 1.5 ATA or 7 psi chambers are actually Gamow Bags and do not meet the standards of a traditional chamber.

Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber  Cost: $


  • 60″ Internal Diameter
  • 72″ Internal Diameter
  • 84″ Internal Diameter
  • 96″ Internal Diameter

Number of Locks:

  • Single Lock
  • Double Lock
  • Tripple Lock


  • Length can greatly vary depending on use

Control System:

  • Manual Control
  • Touch Screen Control


  • Medical Lock
  • Entertainment System
  • Reclining seats
  • Compressor Packages
  • Oxygen Generators
  • Remote Monitoring

Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber Cost: $


  • 32″ Internal Diameter
  • 40″ Internal Diameter


  • Removable Stretcher
  • Integrated Stretcher

Air break system:

  • Manual Air Break with Mask system
  • Automatic Air Break Solenoids

Control System:

  • Manual Control
  • Touch Screen Control

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