Hyperbaric Equipment Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Equipment

Hyperbaric Equipment

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Equipment

Do you need Hyperbaric Equipment to support a Hyperbaric Clinic, Hospital, Veterinary Clinic, or Military Installation? Tekna can fulfill all of your Hyperbaric Equipment needs. Tekna offers:

  • Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber Systems
  • Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber Systems
  • Military Chamber Systems
  • Veterinary Chamber Systems
  • Medical Air Compressor Packages
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Environmental Control Systems
  • Sealong Hyperbaric Hoods
  • 100% Cotton Hyperbaric Scrubs
  • 100% Cotton Hyperbaric Sheets / Pillows
  • Point of Connection Drawings
  • Hyperbaric Clinic Floor Plans
  • Power Requirement Plans
  • Med Gas Plans

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